Shuklatirth and Kabirvad

Shuklatirth & Kabirvad - Bharuch (Gujarat)

Route: Ahmedabad - Baroda - Bharuch - Shulkatirth & Kabirvad

My Route: Surendranagar - Bagodara - Borsad - Baroda - Bharuch - Shulkatirth & Kabirvad

Distance: About 200 kms from Ahmedabad & 330 kms from surendranagar


From Mumbai Side : Turn Right at "Jadeshwar Chowkdi" that is exactly after the Toll plaza before bharuch.

From Ahmedabad Side : Turn Left at "Jadeshwar Chowkdi" that is before the Toll plaza on NH8a towards Ankleshwar.

From this cross roads, shukla tirth is about 10 kms and kabirvad is about 2 kms ahead.


Shuklatirth and Kabirvad are located at 15 kms from bharuch on the banks of river narmada. Shuklatirth is a small holy village that has many old temples of Mahadevji, Vishnuji and other hindu deities like brahmaji and many goddesses. A temple of mahadevji claims to solve problems of children who are unable to speak.

Kabirvad as they say is a "VAD" (I don't know english name of this tree) that is spread in over 2.5 acres. Yes a single tree has over years polifrated into a tree with several trunks and spread in over 2.5 acres of land. Bigger surprise is that this tree is born from a "Datun - Ancient Brush" that was thrown here by "Saint Kabir". Added attractions are kabir temple, kabir museum, boat ride on Narmada river.

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